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What is a "Florida" Room?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Southern Living refers to a Florida room as "The Charmingly Retro Staple Your Home Needs Right Now". As a recent resident of Florida, I had no idea how right they were, until now.

As you may recall, we moved to the beach around the time the pandemic was really heating up. In fact, the move happened so fast that we arrived having never seen the home that we rented, so placing furniture was a hilarious game of "just put it over there." Once we got all of the basics in place, all of the extra things went into the "Florida room" that we had no idea what to do with. Honestly, the house is rather small but, somehow the Florida room is the largest room in the house. So, we did what anyone living in a pandemic that spends way too many hours at home would do: we set it up as the ultimate grab-and-go room. While I'm sure that we were supposed to set it up as a place to entertain, we are LOVING the easy access to all of the things we need. I hope we always have a Florida room in our lives!

Easily accessible beach towels are a no-brainer.

The seashell catch-all bowl is where I can find all of the things I lose throughout the day, ha!

A sandy sandal basket is also a must at the beach. Note: this one has only ever been tidy for this photo, which lasted about 30 seconds.

Proven fact: If you make your yoga mats grab-and-go, you will use them more!

Adding a place to perch next to a deep freeze? Sure, why not? We're making our own rules these days.

Not so conspicuously placing workout gear in the corner means we have zero excuses to not workout. I mean, we try to make excuses anyway.

Speaking of excuses...

Fishing gear with a backpack cooler is always by the back door. I think you see what we're doing here, enjoying life!

Thanks for virtually stopping by! I promise that if we ever get to a place in life again where we can entertain, I'll do a better job of making my Florida room a centerpiece of the house. Until then, I've got to sit and read while I watch Champagne workout ;)

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