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A Love of Packing

Updated: May 4, 2021

My friends all think that I’m nuts because I LOVE packing! As in, I would come over to your house and help you pack for your European vacation, and would probably make you go in the other room so I could just do it myself! It’s odd, I know.

“Starting at about the age of five until the age of 17, I packed at least 26 times a year equalling roughly 312 packings.”

Please, allow me to illustrate the reasoning behind my love of being prepared on trips through my very sweet friend, Katie, who is playing a mini-me in this post.

You see, I’m a child of divorce and, as a matter of fact, I actually do not remember my parents being married. (Don’t worry, this isn’t headed into a sad post). I primarily lived with my mom and visited my dad every other weekend. I always had my very own precious little suitcase that I should have filled with all the necessities for the weekend but, most of the time, I forgot something that I needed or wanted at home.

Starting at about the age of five until the age of 17 (when I started college), I packed at least 26 times a year equalling roughly 312 packings, not including some really memorable trips and visits to friend’s houses for sleepovers.

Needless to say, over the course of the years, I got really good at packing exactly what I needed. And it is that skill set that helped develop my love of travel.

Truthfully, I was always sad to leave my mom’s house, then excited to get to my dad’s house. And then sad to leave my dad’s house, but excited to get to my mom’s house. So, you see my love of travel stems not from a desire to get away but more of an anticipation of what’s to come. Know what I mean?

My hope is to help make your packing a bit more stress-free and I look forward to sharing tips along our journey together as you anticipate adventures in your life!

And thank you again, Katie, for capturing my essence in such a perfect way and for being the smart, witty, funny, talented and amazing kiddo that you are! And thanks to your mom, Ann, for loaning you to me for the afternoon. She’s pretty cool too :)

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