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The Bahamas: A Super Vacation


Imagine showing up on a remote part of a tropical island at a resort that has a max capacity of 70 guests to realize that a real-life supermodel is there to do a photo shoot. That’s exactly what happened a few years back when we visited The Bahamas. But let's back up for a moment.

As soon as we arrived at Kamalame Cay, we were taken to our Beach Bungalow where fresh-squeezed orange juice was waiting alongside a chilled bottle of vodka, among other things.

We made a refreshing cocktail to enjoy on our porch and immediately forgot the crooked road that brought us there...

We were actually booked to take this vacation a few weeks earlier than we did, but we got a call requesting that we delay our vacation to accommodate a guest that wanted to rent the entire resort. Rumor has it, this was the doing of a Rockefeller but, who knows? They made it very worth our while so we said “yes” and off we went!

After flying into Nassau, we then took a chartered flight to Andros Island.

Small chartered flights are always a bit scary. Is it champagne o'clock yet?

But they do provide the BEST view! Does this water even look real? P.S. This photo was the inspiration behind the background of the GriffonDorable logo :)

We then took a cab to the water's edge where we ended up on this delightful open-air ferry that took us to "96 acres of flowering jungle, coconut palm groves, and deserted white sand beach, blending barefoot luxury and laid back charm with untouched tropical beauty" where we began our "unplugged experience".

We were exhausted but so happy to have finally made it. And please know that there are faster transportation options to this barrier island, located just one mile from the third largest barrier reef in the world.

Besides dipping your toes in the sand steps from your bungalow, you can paddle board...

Visit the over-the-water spa...

Or go fishing.

This is Champagne's fishing boat passing by while I was getting a massage!

Guests dine together in the Great House and, before you start thinking that you don't want to mingle with the other guests, I have to tell you that this was one of our favorite parts of the trip.

I'm sharing this particular photo because, while I truly love a variety of food, I only like to eat avocado toast for breakfast. As in, every single day. And I have the hardest time getting resorts to accommodate this request. Not at Kamalame! #yum

Kamalame is also where I discovered my favorite sparkling rose. I tried lots & lots of glasses before making this determination so you know it's true!

Is there anything better than champs by a glistening body of water?

Or just breathing in the salty air while staring off into the distance?

These are our friends John and Michele, who invited us on this trip to celebrate Michele's birthday. It was such a special trip and we were honored to have been included!

We get a little spoiled living in Atlanta with direct flights everywhere but, sometimes the longer it takes to get somewhere, the better it is and that was certainly the case with Kamalame Cay. We cannot wait to watch this sunset again someday!

Oh, and back to the supermodel story. The lovely lady that we had the pleasure of vacationing with is known for her days with Victoria Secret, which sounds like someone you might not want to hang out with, right? Quite the contrary. This particular supermodel, Karolina Kurkova, was sweet and funny and even let us hang out while she did a photoshoot one evening before dinner. Thanks KK for being a doll…and sorry about our husband’s drooling over you! Maybe the next time we run into each other will be on a ski trip with lots & lots of layers! ;)

P.S. We were told that there's a family from Atlanta that has a house at Kamalame. If this is you, we just want you to know that we're very good house guests!

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