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Summers at Lake Sinclair

Champagne and I are generally about 45 minutes into an hour and a half drive when we get the first text, “Are you guys getting close?”. And then 20 minutes later, “Where are you now?”. And this isn’t a text from our friends that have invited us to their lake house, this is coming from their 11 year old daughter, Claire, who is always the first to greet us in the driveway with the warmest welcome when we arrive.

The stress of packing and getting through Atlanta traffic melts away knowing that the anticipation of our arrival is high. With smiles on our faces, we head into one of our favorite weekends of the summer, Lake Sinclair.

"Question: What do you want to be when you grow up? Answer: Something that takes me a lot of places in the world"

When your folks starting thinking about buying a lake house, did they tell you about it or was it a surprise?

They gave us signs so we kind of thought that we might be getting a lake house.

Graham and I originally didn’t want this one because the basement smelled and there was yucky carpet everywhere. It needed so much work but our parents thought it had good bones. Once we started renovating the upstairs & then the basement, I thought “Whoa this is really cool”. And now we love it!

What does a typical weekend at the lake entail?

We ride in the boat, fish, tube, paddle board, kayak and water ski. I love water sports so it is so much fun!

How is it different than being in Atlanta?

In Atlanta, there’s not that much to do outside. We watch a lot of TV and movies. Having a lake house has made me more adventurous because there are creeks to explore and things like that. Oh and a secret rope swing that my dad’s friend told us about. It is kind of hidden but we found it!

What’s your idea of a perfect day at the lake?

Wake up, go outside, swim for an hour, get on speedboat and tube for a LONG time. Then hit the secret rope swing, eat lunch, go back out on the tube, swim more, fish in the evening, fireworks off the dock, watch a movie on the couch and head to bed.

That is very specific! What’s the downside to the lake house?

When everyone leaves, it usually looks like a bomb was dropped so cleaning up is hard. And the traffic from Atlanta can be hard so we need a helicopter!

I 100% agree and will be sure to pass that tip along to your parents. We love sitting on floats off your dock. What’s your favorite float?

We had a giant swan that was so much fun but now I love the sparkly pink one you got me. And I love the hamburger that we named “Grambuger”!

You and your brother Graham seem to get along pretty well.

We fight about silly things like who gets to buy this place when we’re older because we both want it. At the lake we try to get along more because we want to be good hosts.

Does he enjoy the same things at the lake that you do?

It takes him a while to warm up to things but he has come out of his shell a little bit. We have a zip-line at home, which he didn’t like but now, since he tubes at the lake, he’s more open to trying new things like that.

What do you do on rainy days?

We hang out on the porch and watch the rain. When its cold, we read or put our jackets on and go out on our scooters.

You’re 11 years old, a swim team member, a cross country and distance runner, a perfect host and, if I had to guess, a pretty decent future baker. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Something that takes me to a lot of places in the world. I like history and science but my career is very wide open. I really like Bible too- our teacher is a snake wrangler! I definitely want to end up with a country escape because I want my kids to experience what I experience here.

We’ve had so much fun this weekend. Thanks for having us!

The best thing about the lake is having people come visit. It’s a lot of fun to show them around and make memories!

Dearest Claire and Graham,

We’ve known you since you were born and it is a true pleasure to watch you grow up. You’re both funny, kind, smart and a joy to be around. Which is not surprising given how amazing your parents are. We cannot wait to see where life takes you and hope that we’ll still be on the invite list when one of you buys your parent’s lake house someday! Much love to you both!

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