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Stay a While

The inspiration for decorating our guest room was a calming, centering sunset that I experienced soon after we moved to St. Pete Beach. It wasn’t the typical vibrant shades of orange and yellow, but was full of dusty grey and blush pink. There was something so relaxing about this particular sunset that I tried to incorporate it into the look and feel of the room so our guests will come, relax, and stay a while.

I started with a beautiful mirror that my grandma, "Granny O." left to me when she passed away. It was a solid, bright gold so I added grey chalk paint in the center to give it a beachy feel.

I selected this particular room as our guest room because it is the darkest room in the house so, hopefully, this will help guests sleep well. That being said, I wanted to capitalize on the daylight hours by placing a simple, white linen reading chair next to a window that overlooks a dramatic palm bush, which makes me feel like I’m in the treetops of a jungle.

Have you ever stayed in a guest room that was so decorated that you had absolutely nowhere to put anything? With that in mind, I left the bedside table mostly open with a soft blue lamp, a white-washed wooden mermaid, and a journal for any guests that love to jot down ideas in the middle of the night like I do!

I love these sparkly pillows that remind you of the gulf water glistening in the sun at the end of the day.

Cool, soft sheets in blush pink mix in perfectly with grey and cream bedding to give a casual feel. And a light-weight pale pink blanket is perfect for a breezy evening, which we get most nights.

About Granny O.

When Granny O. was still alive, I would stop by her house for lunch which consisted of lots and lots and lots of food! She was offended if you didn’t get seconds so there was never a time that I left our visits feeling anything other than completely over-stuffed, which was pretty great for a college kid on a slim budget. I loved hearing about her friend “Jerry, up the street”, and a tiny bit of gossip about whatever was currently up for discussion. She was the absolute sweetest little lady, standing no taller than 5’1”. When I would leave, she would stand on her front porch and wave until I was no longer in site. If I waved in my rearview mirror 100 times, she waved 101. There was something about those waves that left me feeling like she was so very happy that I came by and stayed a while. When she died, I received the beautiful mirror that hung in her living room right above where all of our conversations took place. So that's why I decided to hang her mirror there as a nod to my future guests, letting them know that I'm so happy that they came and stayed a while. I love you Granny O. and I think of you very often!

The gold mirror behind Granny O. + my nephew who is now taller than she ever was!

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