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Sail Away in the British Virgin Islands

One of the trips we've been dying to repeat is a sailing trip around the British Virgin Islands that we took with a few other couples many years ago. I still following the sailing company, The Moorings, on social media and one of these days, we'll get back out on the open water for a few days!

We started our journey in Tortola, sailed around Norman Island (the original Treasure Island) and Jost van Dyke (you may have heard of it via Kenny Chesney). We visited The Indians, The Baths and even got to take a look also at Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Along the way, we visited Willy T’s floating bar for a Dark & Stormy, Soggy Dollar Bar- the birthplace of the painkiller and Foxy’s. And not to worry, we didn't drink and sail: this trip came complete with a captain and chef to take care of all of our needs!

This was our boat, Easy Tiger. And the inside looked like this:

This is what I would call "glamorous roughing it". The space inside a (large) catamaran is tight but the furnishings are very nice. That being said, sailing is ALL about what you experience outside the boat! Like, a visit to The Baths...

Or a stop on an uninhabited island like Sandy Cay....

Mingling with others sailors...

Or taking time to chill in a hammock at the Bitter End Yacht Club.

Or snorkel right off your boat (tip: use frozen vegetables to attract LOTS of fish!)

One day, Champagne got picked up by a tiny boat to go diving a ways away with a bunch of strangers. I snapped this photo just in case it was the last time I ever saw my husband (ha ha!).

Just relaxing on the boat was spectacular as well. If you've never been on a boat that has one of those trampoline-type nets on the front, I highly recommend trying it and spending copious amounts of time there just reading, thinking, dreaming.

The food prepared by the chef was delicious and well-thought out. I've always wanted to eat tropical cuisine out of a pineapple!

But let's talk about the nets they put up for our group. Prior to our trip, we filled out forms noting our likes and dislikes for food and beverage. Apparently, we all checked so many boxes of alcohol that we liked, that they were concerned that we might have a man-overboard situation. Hence, the fencing!

Moorings offers a variety of sailing options outside of the BVI trip: Greece, Seychelles, Croatia, St. Lucia and on and on.

I highly recommend checking it out...and feel free to invite me along!! P.S. Who is this baby in this photo from 10 years ago? Time goes by so fast so I leave you with this: There is only today. Enjoy it!

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