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Cabo, Mexico

Greetings fellow travel-food-laughter lovers! Have you noticed that we’re living in a very travel-centric culture these days? The world has never been more accessible for those that wish to relax and unwind, seek to learn about other cultures, or experience whatever adventure excite them.

Families are visiting Portofino for Spring Break, newlyweds are honeymooning in Bali, and friend groups are gathering for celebrations in places like the Bahamas. And let's not forget about weekend road trips all over the country!

Pack your bags because I can’t wait to share all things travel, food, and laughter with you!

Dress: Halston Heritage; Luggage: Vintage; Photography: Jason Vail Photography; Hair/Makeup: Theresa Stone:

What’s GriffonDorable all about?

I spend most of my travel time focused on warm-weather, tropical destinations, especially beach destinations. With that in mind, I’m bringing my friends along to share their experiences with you to broaden our time together.

Along the way, we’ll dive into must-try food while on vacation because, let’s face it, if the food is fantastic, it can make the whole travel experience worthwhile. I’ll also highlight packing tips and travel must-haves to make getting around so much easier.

“If it isn’t fun, I’m not doing it. The trick is that I find joy in a lot of things.”
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Why GriffonDorable?

It’s a simple story really. As I was trying enhance my social media skills, a smart young co-worker helped me set up my Instagram account. I noticed that people used clever names but I had no idea how to refer to myself. In about five minutes she came up with the name GriffonDorable, a play on my name-Jaime Griffon, and it really made me giggle. So, I went with it and, over the course of the past few years, found myself posting about travel, food, and anything that brings me joy. It seemed like the perfect fit for my new blog so I hope it puts a smile on your face!

Champagne in Orange Beach

About Me

When I’m not working or traveling (or working while traveling), I’m a dog mom to two adorable pups, and a communications consultant based in Atlanta (ie: direct flights everywhere!). My travel partner is my social-media shy husband, who I affectionately call “Champagne” because it is his middle name, his mother’s maiden name and is just super fun.

Lover's Beach, Cabo, Mexico

The Details

I’m excited to be able to bring you interviews from some of my most interesting, well-travelled and food-loving friends. One of my favorite segments is an inside look into the lives of those that live where we like to vacation. And because helping others is what makes the world go round, each interview will include a philanthropy highlight that is special to the contributor. All of the photography that you see is original and is either provided by me or the contributor, unless otherwise noted.

You guys ready? Let’s have some fun!

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