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My First Tropical Storm Was a Breeze

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

You know the saying "anticipation is worse than the reality"? That was certainly the case with my first Tropical Storm living at the beach. I'm not the kind of person that gets super anxious about storms, but I do like to be prepared. Maybe that's why I don't feel anxious? There is something kind of exciting about the dark, moody sky that is reminiscent of the power going out during snow days growing up. Know what I mean?

Strong wind and LOTS of rain was all that Tropical Storm Eta brought us, so, she really took is easy on us. That being said, there were three things that surprised me.

If the tide is high when a storm rolls through, get ready for FAST flooding. Our house was surrounded by water in what seemed like minutes. We were told to secure things that could fly around in strong wind but we were shocked at how quickly our front lawn and back patio, and everything that was low to the ground, was covered in water. Next time, I will literally remove everything from my patio! The street in front of my house looked like a flowing river!

The fact that the storm came through during the night was a little scary but now I realize that it prevented me from seeing things like dangerous debris, or this heavy, glass globe that apparently flew into my yard a mere foot from my front window, (where I stupidly stood to watch the storm).

As I was walking around this morning, I was taken aback at how dirty everything was. The streets, the houses, the cars, everything. I took a cue from my neighbors & threw on a pair of gloves to help pick up palm tree limbs, etc.

The storm stayed with us from around 5:00 p.m. to about 2:00 a.m. That seemed like a long time but it wasn't all that bad at all. In fact the water started to recede as soon as the tide moved back out. Some of our neighbors, unfortunately, experienced flooding in their garages but, all in all, this Tropical Storm was a breeze in our little area. And just like that, everything is back to it's normal, peaceful self.

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