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Charming Coastal Cuisine: Charleston Eats

Champagne & I LOVE visiting our friends in this charming southern town (Hi Joe & Sarah!). But, besides catching up and finding starfish on the beach, we look forward to all of the amazing dining options the city has to offer. These are some of our favorites:

The Belmont- for craft cocktail connoisseurs

The Ordinary- for fine dining seafood lovers

Chez Nous- for adventurous eaters

“Food is about love, family, celebrating and, most importantly, about nutrition.”

I met my friend April several years ago through the film industry and recently caught up to chat about her blog, The Foodie on a Budget. Dining in Charleston can definitely get expensive so she shares tips for budget-conscious foodies.

I know that you’ve always been a foodie but what started you on your journey to healthy and affordable meals?

I’ve been in Charleston for 21 years and have watched it explode onto the culinary scene. After a cancer diagnosis in our family we had to reinvent our diet and the entire way we eat. Luckily, it has been the easiest and best transition we’ve ever made. Food is about love, family, celebrating and most importantly about nutrition. You can do all of the above and do it within ANY budget!

Any tips for saving money while dining out?

My motto is to share an entrée for the adults. Most places are happy to accommodate a shared plate, so don’t be afraid to ask. Charleston is known for it’s happy hours. Nearly every place has a special for each day of the week. LOCALS, for example, has half price sushi on Mondays. Take advantage of happy hour food specials by ordering another set to-go just before you leave.

I know that you’re an amazing cook. What’s your favorite recipe that was inspired by a restaurant in Charleston?

I totally stole the Duck Ragu Bolognese recipe from Coda Del Pesce. I’ve been putting a few little spins on it myself and will be posting the recipe in the coming days on my food blog!

I feel like I’ve never had a bad meal in Charleston. What are some of your favorite budget-friendly restaurants that are can’t-miss?

I could literally write a novel on all the great restaurants of Charleston. Hey, I may just do that! I’ll keep this short and sweet and only feature two, ok three!

Featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives, THE TATTOOED MOOSE is a must-try! My favorite bite is Mike’s Famous Duck Club ($10.99). It’s a triple decker of rich duck confit, applewood bacon, sharp cheddar cheese loaded on thick and topped with the most creamy garlic aioli.

Happy hour is 4-7 daily with $1.50 beer, $4 duck fat fry baskets, wings or piggy nachos.

The view is incredible and the interior is minimal at FLEET LANDING RESTAURANT

If you want authentic southern seafood, this is the place for you. I go for Sunday Brunch and order the pan roasted crab cake ($11.99) that may just be the most decadent thing I’ve ever had.

Happy hour is 4-6 daily with $7 martinis, $5 house wines and a huge selection of half-price appetizers!

One block from the beach on Sullivan’s Island is the delightful POE’S TAVERN.

Order the Andontillado Burger ($9.99)- a house-blend beef patty charred to perfection on the open-fire grill and smothered in guacamole, jalapeño jack cheese, house-made pico de gallo and topped with chipotle sour cream. Oh. My. WORD!

You and I both love to dine out and cook gourmet meals at home, but there are a lot of people that cannot do either. Is there a charity that you work with to help bring meals to those in need?

We volunteer as often as we can at the Low Country Food Bank to help collate and distribute food to the communities in need. Their fight against hunger spans across the ten coastal counties of South Carolina.

Ok, the next time we’re in Charleston, we need to meet for Happy Hour specials!

Thank you for allowing me to feature some of the best culinary parts of Charleston for every budget!

You can follow The Foodie on a Budget on Facebook and Instagram!

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