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Apres Ski for Me

Glittering snow, spectacular vistas, crisp air, hot cocoa. Sounds heavenly, right? I'm headed to Aspen in a few weeks which reminds me of a fun tip to Breckenridge a few years ago. Well, mostly fun...

Champagne is a great skier so he wanted to go to Breckenridge to celebrate his Birthday.

At this point in time, I had only skied a total of two days on a prior trip to Aspen. From the bottom of the slopes it actually looks like a blast.

There's nothing more entertaining that watching people ski in after a long day on the slopes.

Look how much fun this guy is having sliding down the mountain on his face!

Our very kind friends offered to go in on an instructor so we could all ski together, (except for Champagne & a few others; they totally ditched us to ski diamonds or blacks or whatever they're called). That's me all the way on the end, not in my gear, praying that this isn't actually happening.

Sure enough, as soon as I lost sight of the ground (you know what I mean, the level ground), I started to panic and actually got worse at skiing! Not wanting to hold my group back, I requested a ski patrol removal from the mountain. That request was denied and I then denied their denial. I casually and calmly explained that the only way I was going down was either on my rear or via ski patrol, and I was dead serious. Our instructor reluctantly radioed down for another instructor to come to us. We waited for a while because look how high up we were!!

It was then that I had the most fun of my entire ski trip. My "rescuer" stood in front of me, I was directly behind him with my skis inside his skis with my hands wrapped around his waist. Are you getting the picture? He then, I kid you not, skied us both down the mountain. About the time when the resort got back in my view, I placed my chin ever so lightly on his shoulder so I could take it all in. Look how beautiful the resort is when it is this close. God bless him.

Look how happy I look to be off the mountain!

Ok, Aspen, light your fires, chill your champagne, heat up your hot tubs. I'm ready for you! And don't worry, I won't even pretend like I want to ski this time!

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