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An Effervescent Conversation with The Bubbly Talk: Atlanta Eats

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

I’m delighted for you to meet my friend, Wendy G. She’s a food blogger, wife, dog-mom, and fellow Atlantan. We met through our connection to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation years ago and have stayed in touch ever since.

We recently caught up to chat about her new blog, The Bubbly Talk, where she guides people to fabulous eateries outside the bubble of the safe, tried and true favorites in food-loving Atlanta. With so many options, it can be tough to branch out for locals as well as visitors so she offers fresh suggestions and, perhaps my favorite perk, Drink of the Month!

“A lot of guys seem to dislike the term “brunch”, even foodie guys, but add bacon and you’ve got brunch for dudes!”

Congrats on your new blog, The Bubbly Talk!

Thanks! I was in the restaurant business for a long time and I missed being in the action. I’ve done it all: waitress, hostess, event planner and, at the end of the day, I’m just a big foodie.

We share a love of food and are lucky enough to live in a vibrant foodie scene in Atlanta.

Oh yes! Atlanta has such a wide variety of people from different backgrounds so that really translates into the restaurants we have. You can get amazing burgers, pizza, or Italian but you can also try things like Korean or Vietnamese cuisine...or a fusion of both!

Brunch, in particular, is having a major moment isn't it?

I’ve been a brunch fan for ten years and have seen it move from being more female-focused to letting the guys in too. A lot of guys dislike the term “brunch”, even foodie guys, but add bacon and you’ve got brunch for dudes.

Dude Brunch, Dunch, Brude? No, none of those work!

Ha! We’ll have to keep working on that one.

Favorite brunch spot?

Brunch is my favorite meal and I actually do a monthly brunch meet-up. I keep it small with no more than 10 people. It has really been a very organic thing where people just message me to meet-up and it works out. Two of my favorites are chicken and waffles at Mission + Market and chilaquiles at McCray's Tavern.

Ok, let’s say you’ve got out-of-town guests coming in for three nights, where are you taking them?

Definitely Il Localino though because it’s a hidden gem. They kind of trick you with their tagline “Authentic Old World Italian Fine Dining". It is all of those things but the atmosphere is so unique that it is hard to describe. Maybe like a surprise party?

Yes! I felt like I was 21 and attending my own surprise party. You can’t help but dance right at your table and be delighted!

Exactly. And I dream about their Sinatra pasta. Apart from that, I really like Umi for sushi. We order tons of different sushi but always the Miso Black Cod. Superica is great for Mexican. I love their brunch because I can get pancakes and chilaquiles. If you want a good staple, Chops is hand-down the best steak in Atlanta. And you can't skip the cheesesteak at Fred's Meat & Bread at Krog Street. The best after-dinner drinks in town are at St. Regis. Order a Texas Rose, you won't be sorry!

I’ll never forget being at the St. Regis bar with my friends when we saw Jennifer Garner & Ben Afleck, right before they split.

That is a juicy celebrity sighting! Oh, and I just thought of one more that is off the beaten path. Com Vietnamese Grill on Buford Highway. And I guess my friends need to stay for more than three nights!

The first time Champagne ever took me to Com, I refused to get out of the car. Now, the rice Vermicelli with Shrimps (yes, it is plural at Com) is seriously one of my favorite meals!

Being behind in a gas station parking lot actually adds to the appeal, right?

Do you ever find yourself wanting to learn to cook any of the unique dishes that you try or are you happy to be an expert orderer?

Oh I can’t make anything! My hubby cooks and I’m the dishwasher. I love to recreate cocktails though!

Speaking of cocktails, I love your Drink of the Month section!

It is the most fun! And if you aren’t super-adventurous in trying new dishes, you can always dip your toe in the water by trying a new cocktail!

Let’s say you’re going to your favorite food festival, what shoes are you wearing so your feet aren’t dying by the end of the day?

I go to SO many food festivals but my favorite in Atlanta is the Food & Wine Festival. This year I got to try a peach slider from Revolution Donuts that was out of this world delicious!

For comfy shoes, my best advice is to never, ever wear a heel. A closed-toe, flat sandal is all you need.

AllBirds claims to be the "world's most comfortable shoe".

I actually have a pair and love them. I tend to wear dresses to festivals though so I use them as my travel shoes.

When you’re not dining all over town, is there a charity that you’re supporting?

You probably know the answer to that since that's how we originally met. Cystic Fibrosis is a life-threatening genetic disease that affects over 30,000 people in the U.S. and I’m one of them. I support the CF Foundation through my fundraising team for the Great Strides walk, Wendy’s Warriors. We just had the walk so we did a wine tasting at Total Wine to help raise funds for my team.

I love that you’re connecting your philanthropy back to food.

I want more years here in this beautiful, crazy, delicious world! I'm nowhere near done doing all that I want to do.

Cheers to that dear friend!

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