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A Toast to Summertime Cocktails

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Champagne and I visited a bar in Atlantic Beach that didn’t have a cocktail menu and, instead, insisted on making a cocktail to your preference with one simple, yet complex question, “Tell me about yourself.” We started off telling the bartender specific ingredients that we liked when he stopped us and insisted that we tell him what we liked to do, where we’re from, etc. We obliged and were delightfully surprised at the result that he crafted just for us based on our personalities! We were entertained by watching everyone else’s reaction to this unusual way of taking a drink order...and visited this particular bar, at One Ocean Resort & Spa, every night for the rest of our trip!

Check out my top five favorite summertime cocktails and, tell me about yourself! Seriously, I would love to hear the kinds of travel tips you would like to see in the coming months!


Pina Colada

Salty Dog


*Does this pic look familiar? :)

DIY Tropical-Tini

If you still have beach travel plans during the dogs days of summer, be sure to check out Summer Tips!

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