About Me


Greetings fellow coastal lifestyle lovers! 

If beach travel, coastal cuisine, vacation style, and home décor sound like fun to you, then you're in the right place!

I live at the beach in the sunshine state of Florida, where I pinch myself everyday. People often mistake my sweaty, sun-screened skin for a “glow”, ha! Humor is very important to me so you’ll see that reflected in the posts that I create for you, especially the videos! I don’t take myself too seriously so I hope that they make you giggle too.


All of the photography that you see is my original work. I want to be a glowing light for you, illuminating the way to a dreamy coastal life in the most attainable and enjoyable way.                                                              LET'S CHAT!

Who is Champagne?

I affectionately call my social-media shy husband“Champagne” because it is his middle name and his mother’s maiden name. It is also just a super fun nickname! If possible, he loves our life at the beach even more that I do. He brings a different perspective because he enjoys different hobbies than I do like fishing, boating, and paddle-boarding. I'm always trying to take his picture and sometimes he lets me. I've almost worn him down to complete compliance so hopefully you'll see more of him in the future!