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Champagne, my travel partner

 Greetings fellow coastal lovers! I'm Jaime Griffon, a beach-obsessed traveler, foodie and lover of life! 

What’s GriffonDorable all about?

If sandy travel, packing tips, coastal cuisine, vacation style, beach beauty tips and beachy home décor sound like fun to you, then you're in the right place!

About Me

I believe that life is colorful, captivating, and worth exploring. I oftentimes travel down the road of “why not?” which means that I’m a serial hobbyist and am always dreaming and trying new, imaginative things.


Based in the always sunny Florida, (I live at the beach!), people often mistake my sweaty, sun-screened skin for a “glow”, ha! Humor is very important to me so you’ll see that reflected in the posts that I create for you, especially the videos! I don’t take myself too seriously so I hope that they make you giggle too.


All of the photography that you see is my original work and I’m currently working on my editing, cooking and decorating skills. I’m a terrible speller and have the worst handwriting, but I’ve come to accept those things about myself so I hope that you will too.


Basically, if you mix one part goofy with a love of all things coastal, you get what GriffonDorable is all about. I want to be a glowing light for you, illuminating the way to a dreamy coastal life in the most attainable and enjoyable way.

​I'm always looking for new places to discover and stories to tell and would love to connect with you!

Who is Champagne?

I affectionately call my social-media shy husband“Champagne” because it is his middle name and his mother’s maiden name. It is also just a super fun nickname! If possible, he loves our life at the beach even more that I do. He brings a different perspective because he enjoys different hobbies than I do like fishing, boating, paddle-boarding, etc. I'm always trying to take his picture and sometimes he lets me. I've almost worn him down to complete compliance so hopefully you'll see more of him in the future!

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About Me

Hi! I'm Jaime Griffon! I’m a beach-obsessed traveler, foodie, and lover of life! Along the way, I’ll highlight packing tips that’ll make your costal adventures completely stress-free! 

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